Sneakers on the Streets

Sneakers have risen up the fashion hierarchy and have reached the top, where (in my humble opinion) they belong. From humble, sporty beginnings to high fashion runways the sneaker is king of the hill.

Even though it is thrilling to see sneakers walk down a Chanel runway, it is equally if not more exciting to see people adapt to this trend and use it in their daily lives. For this post i have combed through the Tommy Ton street style shots to find the best sneaker shots. And here they are:


tumblr_n5j8xpk0kt1qd8hm0o1_1280These classic  Nike‘s have hit the streets hard in a new way. Pairing them with dresses and skirts has become increasingly popular and I, for one, fully encourage these decisions.



Ahh the slip on, or as it referred to at Happy Feet, The All mighty Slip-On is a favorite for it’s versatility and endless options (see Post). And if Grace is down, so are we.


The always good and eternally classic Converse. Never go out of style.


Plain sneaks give a crispness to any casual look.




Some of the new styles are edgy and unexpected, which is refreshing and fun.



The Nike Free‘s are possibly the most popular ones, especially in black. Why? The picture above pretty much says it all: adds to your look without making you look like a slob.

Enjoy the trend ladies! Finally chic and comfy can go together!!!

(all photos from Tommy Tom Website)


Happy Combinations

Sometimes two heads are better than one. When shoe designers collaborate with other creatives the results are usually fantastic, delivering one of a kind styles. By working together to create something new, the monotony of the industry is broken.

Here are some of the best and most interesting combinations of designers, brands, artists, and creatives that have together produced unique, covetable styles.

Manolo Blahnik x Opening Ceremony (featuring René Magritte)

Opening Ceremony has become the leader when it comes to collaborations, always finding new and different ways to catch our eye. This time they have surrealist Manolo pumps inspired by Magritte’s artwork. Magritte’s universe is translated into magical mesmerizing prints that exude elegance and originality at once. Personally, a shoe with ceci n’est pas une pipe on it would be amazing.


Kenzo x Vans

This collaboration has been going on for a couple of years, but it never gets boring. Vans being such plain canvas sneakers allow for great prints and colors to be places on them. They are a great alternative to the plain can vas sneaker.



Mary Katrantzou x Gianvito Rossi

This collaboration was about combining Rossi’s know-how with Katrantzou’s print genius and color intuition. And the results are a dreamy, feminine, and simply beautiful.



Raf Simons x Adidas

It’s hard not to become a sneaker-head nowadays when such amazing collaborations are happening. Uber-cool and ultra-modern sneakers were the result of this collaboration. WANT.


These are the four Happy Feet Blog favorite collaborations. Keep visiting us for more shoeloving!

5 Summer Must Have’s

There are so many great styles and great shoes out there, but every season some rise over the others; if even for just a brief moment. Here are our top picks for this summer, enjoy!

5. The Casual Sneaker

Sneakers are very much in fashion, but the casual,flat, whimsical sneaker is perfect for summer. Vans offers the perfect summer sneaker and in many fun prints and colors.



4. The Statement Pump

Since summer is the time to play with color and open pumps (since there is no risk of frostbite), it is the perfect time to add statement pumps to your look. DelPozo‘s large bow open pumps are perfect because they not only have an interesting silhouette, but they also come in almost every color.



3. The Espadrille

As mentioned in a previous post, espadrilles have come back strong. Wether you  get them at Chanel or an artisanal shop like La Manual Alpargatera is immaterial, it’s the silhouette and style the espadrille itself has. These Loewe espadrilles are an example of a chic interpretation of the classic espadrille.


2. The Open Bootie

The idea of wearing boots in the summer can be suffocating, but thankfully there is a solution for that now. Open booties are shaped like ankle boots but open at the sides and/or toes. They are also usually made of a material that is light, or leather that is woven or perforated. House of Harlow has many options of open booties that are ideal for city living in the hot weather.

house of harlowminnie-bootie-as-seen-in-in-style

1. The Ugly Sandal

The ugly sandal is the #1 trend this summer when it comes to shoes. As mentioned in a previous post, Bikenstocks and anything similar are back. It seems like the more unflattering and chunky they are, the more successful they are. Here are our favorite examples of the ugly sandal.







Even if some of these are not your style, at least they are fun and colorful. Only when you think outside of your box does fashion become fun. Enjoy!




Flowers, and Colors, and Prints, Oh My!



The best part of the spring/summer season (aside from the nice weather, sunshine, and being able to be outdoors and feel no pain) are the wave of colorful printed shoes. These shoes are not only guaranteed to brighten up an outfit, but your day!

The flower printed styles are classic and feminine. Mary Katrantzou is the queen of prints, and her recent collaboration with Gianvito Rossi is a shoe dream come true.




A good lace up bootie is always a great shoe style to have in your closet, but it’s even better when it is colorful and full of flowers! This Brian Atwood bootie is the answer.

brian atwood

Nike has also joined the print bandwagon with flowers and more tropical prints. Sneakers and prints are having a huge fashion moment right now, and this is a great way to indulge them.


The tropical print is everywhere, and is more current than the flower print. The combinations and options are practically infinite, but here are some of our favorites.

These Dolce & Gabbana wedge sandals are tropical and fun. Even though they are not your classic flower print, in this case, it’s a good thing.



Swapping flowers for pineapples is also a great way to take part in the tropical trend. These Soludos espadrilles are everything summer.

saludos asos

For more formal outfits, these Altuzarra pumps provide just the right amount of tropical flair.



For preppier days, oxfords are an essential. Fortunately, Acne fulfills the desire to be preppy and tropical at the same time.


 Finally, here we have a couple of Polyvore sets to illustrate how we would style this trend.




Lovely Leopard


These wise words spoken by Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J.Crew, are somewhat of a mantra I live by. Swapping your average beige and brown for leopard immediately makes any outfit more interesting, especially when it comes to shoes. This blog was inspired by a pair of leopard shoes, the Ash Italia jungle slip-on platform sneaker:


Even though these are THE best pair or leopard slip-ons ever to exist, there are so many styles in leopard that are swoon worthy that they also deserve a mention.

Sneakers all are the rave right now, but leopard sneakers give them a stylish twist.  The classic Converse Chuck’s are a great example of a classic silhouette given new life with a leopard print.


Keds collaborated with Opening Ceremony and gave us another classic silhouette in leopard. Simple chic sneaks for everyday.


Nike has also indulged leopard lovers and made all out wishes come true. Their uber-fashionable sneakers in leopard will make anyone’s day.



Even espadrilles come in leopard nowadays, it only takes looking at street style shots to see how great they look.



Booties in leopard are also a an option to amp up a plain outfit. These YSL moccasin booties are sure to do the job.


When dressing for less casual occasions, leopard print shoes fit in just as perfectly. Leopard pumps are both sexy and stylish, who would be opposed to such a combination? These Dior pumps embody this combination perfectly.



These Steve Madden high-heel booties are a more affordable option, but sexy and stylish nonetheless.




These street style shots show how well this trend comes to life:


4bf37d260bffbc9912f606f6840d6ba2With summer just around the corner, it’s natural to become obsessed with sandals. These Senso brikentoscks  and flat sandals are just two of the thousands of options out there, because fortunately most stores have at least one leopard style.





To inspire you to work leopard shoes into your outfits, we used our Polyvore Profile to create an outfit. The sandals are from Zara, but any leopard shoe would fit in beautifully into this outfit.


The real message behind taking leopard as a neutral is really to not be afraid. Don’t be beige, be leopard!


Borrow from the Boys

There are so many shoe options out there, but sometimes the eye wanders from the women’s shoe department to the other side of the store. Recently the men’s shoe department has had some additions that have caught my eye. And that raises the question: who says us girls can’t steal from the men’s side of the store? Answer: no one. Incorporating menswear into your wardrobe is a dangerous game, but doing it with shoes is definitely the safest way to go. Here are the top men’s styles we are lusting after.

Giuseppe Zanotti is known for his fantastic shoe designs and his high heels are nothing short of magical. However, some of his men’s styles are just as fantastic. These loafers would be perfect to amp up a casual look.



Junya Wantanabe is also on our radar when it comes to men’s footwear. These booties would add just the right amount of masculinity to a more feminine outfit.


Even though great women’s sneakers are not hard to find given that they are extremely trendy, they boys have a few we don’t. These Balmain high tops are one of a kind and give reason for envy (the velcro… sigh).



The winner when it comes to covetable men’s shoes is definitely Prada. This marriage between an oxford shoe and a sneaker is, for lack of a better word, the bomb. It’s preppy, sporty, stylish, different, and cool all at the same time. How rare is that?



Aside from this rare specimen, their other platform oxfords are also a home run. In this case, colorful oxfords were combined with platform espadrilles, and we love it.

a4fcabca41b8566097994c6438d827aaThe fact is there are many great shoes out there, it’s just important to keep an open mind about where you look. Ladies, don’t be afraid to borrow from the boys and boys, enjoy!



Bring on the Bling



Metallics, sequins, glitter, gemstones… anything shiny will do. Blinged out feet are happening and what’s not to love? Pharrell’s Swarovski covered Adidas sneakers may be a little extravagant for the average person, but they definitely serve as inspiration. Also, after this, anything goes. Here are Happy Feet’s favorite picks of the shiniest, sparkliest kicks out there.


Tom Ford is using mirrors, giving the shoes a disco ball kind of feel. Needless to say, they are fantastic. Booties, boots, and even sandals are available in this party-ready style.




Glitter is also an alternative for shine. Saint Laurent sent some glitter boots down the runway and the throwback worked beautifully.



Adding some jewels is also an option, as Rochas shows us with their embellished pumps.
Alexander McQueen’s embellished booties are also a way to wear your jewels on you feet. d44892847abc1fda9036bdeb04c21d47
But the most wearable and versatile of the bling trends is the metallics. Silver, gold, luminescent, or colored, they will make your like shinier no questions asked.
Nike’s Air Max metallic version is a great way to glam up your sneaks.
All Saint’s metallic loafers are perfection, and a great way to dress up your jeans.
Marni’s colorful metallic sandals are not only shiny but a great color and shape.
The options are endless, don’t be afraid to sparkle! Stay tuned for more posts 🙂

The All-Mighty Slip-On

One shoe to rule them all


Yes, even though all shoes are amazing in their own way, the slip-on takes the #1 slot by a landslide. Especially now when the options are infinite and increasingly cool. From designer labels to Zara and their mass market friends, the slip-on is everywhere and here to stay. But, why? How come it has become so popular (not that we’re complaining)?

For starters, bloggers and other stylish people have taken to the slip-on as their go to for casual chic wear. Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad is the slip-on queen.
Not only does she wear them beautifully, but her collaboration with Steve Madden features not one but three slip-on styles: gold, python, and leopard (so, the essentials, right?).
Chiara is not the only one making these beauties, the trend has (thankfully) also been adopted by some of the best brands out there, such as:

Jimmy Choo gives us a classic, feminine look with the sparkles, although the mens collection has some interesting slip-on choices.


Saint Laurent delivers an acid version of the classic leopard, which is fun and guaranteed to spice up your outfit.


Moschino bring a party to your feet. With Jeremy Scott calling the shots it is no surprise these slip-ons are the most fun ones out there. Comic book themed, they are anything but boring.
The fact is that sneakers have gotten a lot of momentum lately in the fashion world, but slip-ons have found a way to stand out. Perhaps their simple silhouette makes them versatile, or the lack of laces provides space for creativity. All these brands and people have made slip-ons exceptional, and we could not be happier.

The Birkenstock is Back

source: pinterest

My first reaction to this news was… Really? I must admit that this was not news that made me want to jump up and down for joy. The reason for this is that for most of my life I have considered these sandals to be amongst the ugliest of their kind. What can I say? It was a style that I was unimpressed with, to say the least.

However, their return has shown a much better side of this style. Designers have taken it upon themselves to actually make them covetable and I am the first to admit that these new styles have proved my initial response very, very wrong. The 2014 Birkenstock is one of the must-have styles for season, as shocking as that statement sounds.

One of the improvements that has been seen on several different models is metallic coloring. Silver and gold being the best choices.






Understated leather for the top is also a good look for the Birkenstock, making it less clunky. They look great with skinny jeans, making them a good option for transitional weather. Celine has some perfect ones:



It is well known that fashion is cyclical, but sometimes styles come back that are completely unexpected. For me, the Birkenstock is one of those unexpected comebacks. It actually goes very well with some of the trends out there today, and are a comfortable alternative to strappy sandals, that is for sure.

Stay tuned for more posts and if you have any shoelover friends, let them know!

The Espadrille Obsession

Lately, espadrilles have become the latest trend. Everybody is making them from Zara to Chanel, and everybody wants some. Last summer we saw a huge boom when it came to the espadrille.

Chanel has switched it up by adding leather and mesh combinations to their espadrille collection. The leather ones are my current obsession.


Chanel Espadrilles

Valentino has also jumped on the espadrille bus, which is fantastic news for shoelovers. Camo, crochet, leather, and oh so many colors make it hard to pick just one favorite.


Valentino Espadrilles

The cheap and chic versions Zara has put out are not just affordable, but super cool and a perfect summer shoe. Also, one could argue that the good thing about buying the more affordable version of a trendy shoe is that there is no need to feel guilty about wearing them hard all season. Here are my favorite Zara espadrilles so far:


Zara Espadrilles

I do, however, think that there is a real value in buying the handmade, traditional version that has been around for hundreds of years. Living in Barcelona and having had the opportunity to travel through the Catalunya area (in both Spain and France), I have seen many artisans selling espadrilles made the old fashioned way.

I bought some over a year ago and they are still in great shape, which is rare for a pair of shoes that only cost 12 euros. I bought mine in Prats de Mollo, a tiny town on the French border, from an ancient Catalan woman who had been making them for 60 years. I have never seen anyone with the same ones, and that is pretty rare.

And Prats de Mollo is a beautiful town, espadrilles or not, I recommend a day trip.

I guess my point is that I too am in love with the espadrille trend, but I also believe in supporting local craftsmen that keep tradition alive.