The Espadrille Obsession

Lately, espadrilles have become the latest trend. Everybody is making them from Zara to Chanel, and everybody wants some. Last summer we saw a huge boom when it came to the espadrille.

Chanel has switched it up by adding leather and mesh combinations to their espadrille collection. The leather ones are my current obsession.


Chanel Espadrilles

Valentino has also jumped on the espadrille bus, which is fantastic news for shoelovers. Camo, crochet, leather, and oh so many colors make it hard to pick just one favorite.


Valentino Espadrilles

The cheap and chic versions Zara has put out are not just affordable, but super cool and a perfect summer shoe. Also, one could argue that the good thing about buying the more affordable version of a trendy shoe is that there is no need to feel guilty about wearing them hard all season. Here are my favorite Zara espadrilles so far:


Zara Espadrilles

I do, however, think that there is a real value in buying the handmade, traditional version that has been around for hundreds of years. Living in Barcelona and having had the opportunity to travel through the Catalunya area (in both Spain and France), I have seen many artisans selling espadrilles made the old fashioned way.

I bought some over a year ago and they are still in great shape, which is rare for a pair of shoes that only cost 12 euros. I bought mine in Prats de Mollo, a tiny town on the French border, from an ancient Catalan woman who had been making them for 60 years. I have never seen anyone with the same ones, and that is pretty rare.

And Prats de Mollo is a beautiful town, espadrilles or not, I recommend a day trip.

I guess my point is that I too am in love with the espadrille trend, but I also believe in supporting local craftsmen that keep tradition alive.


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