The Birkenstock is Back

source: pinterest

My first reaction to this news was… Really? I must admit that this was not news that made me want to jump up and down for joy. The reason for this is that for most of my life I have considered these sandals to be amongst the ugliest of their kind. What can I say? It was a style that I was unimpressed with, to say the least.

However, their return has shown a much better side of this style. Designers have taken it upon themselves to actually make them covetable and I am the first to admit that these new styles have proved my initial response very, very wrong. The 2014 Birkenstock is one of the must-have styles for season, as shocking as that statement sounds.

One of the improvements that has been seen on several different models is metallic coloring. Silver and gold being the best choices.






Understated leather for the top is also a good look for the Birkenstock, making it less clunky. They look great with skinny jeans, making them a good option for transitional weather. Celine has some perfect ones:



It is well known that fashion is cyclical, but sometimes styles come back that are completely unexpected. For me, the Birkenstock is one of those unexpected comebacks. It actually goes very well with some of the trends out there today, and are a comfortable alternative to strappy sandals, that is for sure.

Stay tuned for more posts and if you have any shoelover friends, let them know!


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