The All-Mighty Slip-On

One shoe to rule them all


Yes, even though all shoes are amazing in their own way, the slip-on takes the #1 slot by a landslide. Especially now when the options are infinite and increasingly cool. From designer labels to Zara and their mass market friends, the slip-on is everywhere and here to stay. But, why? How come it has become so popular (not that we’re complaining)?

For starters, bloggers and other stylish people have taken to the slip-on as their go to for casual chic wear. Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad is the slip-on queen.
Not only does she wear them beautifully, but her collaboration with Steve Madden features not one but three slip-on styles: gold, python, and leopard (so, the essentials, right?).
Chiara is not the only one making these beauties, the trend has (thankfully) also been adopted by some of the best brands out there, such as:

Jimmy Choo gives us a classic, feminine look with the sparkles, although the mens collection has some interesting slip-on choices.


Saint Laurent delivers an acid version of the classic leopard, which is fun and guaranteed to spice up your outfit.


Moschino bring a party to your feet. With Jeremy Scott calling the shots it is no surprise these slip-ons are the most fun ones out there. Comic book themed, they are anything but boring.
The fact is that sneakers have gotten a lot of momentum lately in the fashion world, but slip-ons have found a way to stand out. Perhaps their simple silhouette makes them versatile, or the lack of laces provides space for creativity. All these brands and people have made slip-ons exceptional, and we could not be happier.


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