Borrow from the Boys

There are so many shoe options out there, but sometimes the eye wanders from the women’s shoe department to the other side of the store. Recently the men’s shoe department has had some additions that have caught my eye. And that raises the question: who says us girls can’t steal from the men’s side of the store? Answer: no one. Incorporating menswear into your wardrobe is a dangerous game, but doing it with shoes is definitely the safest way to go. Here are the top men’s styles we are lusting after.

Giuseppe Zanotti is known for his fantastic shoe designs and his high heels are nothing short of magical. However, some of his men’s styles are just as fantastic. These loafers would be perfect to amp up a casual look.



Junya Wantanabe is also on our radar when it comes to men’s footwear. These booties would add just the right amount of masculinity to a more feminine outfit.


Even though great women’s sneakers are not hard to find given that they are extremely trendy, they boys have a few we don’t. These Balmain high tops are one of a kind and give reason for envy (the velcro… sigh).



The winner when it comes to covetable men’s shoes is definitely Prada. This marriage between an oxford shoe and a sneaker is, for lack of a better word, the bomb. It’s preppy, sporty, stylish, different, and cool all at the same time. How rare is that?



Aside from this rare specimen, their other platform oxfords are also a home run. In this case, colorful oxfords were combined with platform espadrilles, and we love it.

a4fcabca41b8566097994c6438d827aaThe fact is there are many great shoes out there, it’s just important to keep an open mind about where you look. Ladies, don’t be afraid to borrow from the boys and boys, enjoy!




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