5 Summer Must Have’s

There are so many great styles and great shoes out there, but every season some rise over the others; if even for just a brief moment. Here are our top picks for this summer, enjoy!

5. The Casual Sneaker

Sneakers are very much in fashion, but the casual,flat, whimsical sneaker is perfect for summer. Vans offers the perfect summer sneaker and in many fun prints and colors.



4. The Statement Pump

Since summer is the time to play with color and open pumps (since there is no risk of frostbite), it is the perfect time to add statement pumps to your look. DelPozo‘s large bow open pumps are perfect because they not only have an interesting silhouette, but they also come in almost every color.



3. The Espadrille

As mentioned in a previous post, espadrilles have come back strong. Wether you  get them at Chanel or an artisanal shop like La Manual Alpargatera is immaterial, it’s the silhouette and style the espadrille itself has. These Loewe espadrilles are an example of a chic interpretation of the classic espadrille.


2. The Open Bootie

The idea of wearing boots in the summer can be suffocating, but thankfully there is a solution for that now. Open booties are shaped like ankle boots but open at the sides and/or toes. They are also usually made of a material that is light, or leather that is woven or perforated. House of Harlow has many options of open booties that are ideal for city living in the hot weather.

house of harlowminnie-bootie-as-seen-in-in-style

1. The Ugly Sandal

The ugly sandal is the #1 trend this summer when it comes to shoes. As mentioned in a previous post, Bikenstocks and anything similar are back. It seems like the more unflattering and chunky they are, the more successful they are. Here are our favorite examples of the ugly sandal.







Even if some of these are not your style, at least they are fun and colorful. Only when you think outside of your box does fashion become fun. Enjoy!





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