Sneakers on the Streets

Sneakers have risen up the fashion hierarchy and have reached the top, where (in my humble opinion) they belong. From humble, sporty beginnings to high fashion runways the sneaker is king of the hill.

Even though it is thrilling to see sneakers walk down a Chanel runway, it is equally if not more exciting to see people adapt to this trend and use it in their daily lives. For this post i have combed through the Tommy Ton street style shots to find the best sneaker shots. And here they are:


tumblr_n5j8xpk0kt1qd8hm0o1_1280These classic  Nike‘s have hit the streets hard in a new way. Pairing them with dresses and skirts has become increasingly popular and I, for one, fully encourage these decisions.



Ahh the slip on, or as it referred to at Happy Feet, The All mighty Slip-On is a favorite for it’s versatility and endless options (see Post). And if Grace is down, so are we.


The always good and eternally classic Converse. Never go out of style.


Plain sneaks give a crispness to any casual look.




Some of the new styles are edgy and unexpected, which is refreshing and fun.



The Nike Free‘s are possibly the most popular ones, especially in black. Why? The picture above pretty much says it all: adds to your look without making you look like a slob.

Enjoy the trend ladies! Finally chic and comfy can go together!!!

(all photos from Tommy Tom Website)


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